Practice what you preach is easier said then done. However I truly believe in the work to live not live to work mentality. Being sustainable is important, very important. But being happy is more important.

“Find your passion, live your passion and share your passion.”

Glynn Parent Jr. GPP_38Red-square


Weekdays Glynn is at Phillips 66 Refinery as an Instrument Design Specialist but evenings and weekends chasing baseballs, fish, deer, turkey or ducks. In between all that loves to write and talk about his catch or “The One That Got Away.” BDP_NBHA_Sr2D-square


During the week Betsy strives for her students to be successful in the classroom.  She is the epitome of balance between discipline and playful. On weekends she can be found on the back of a horse, at a ball game or at her favorite fishing hole.

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  • Just read the article on you and your farm. Congrats on acquiring a son of Tiznow. Bringing good stock to Texas breeding! Your new stallion has Seattle Slew blood (my all time favorite Triple Crown Winner).
    I am a Texican in NYC.
    Your article inspired me. Thank you! May you breed a champion. A TEXAN bred champion.

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